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Web-Maker is an offline playground for your web experiments. Something like CodePen or JSFiddle, but much more faster and offline supported because it runs completely on your system.

Install Chrome extension


Go to Web App



  • Supports Preprocessors: HTML (Pug & Markdown), CSS (SCSS, LESS & Stylus, Atomic CSS) & JavaScript (ES6, TypeScript & CoffeeScript)
  • Works offline
  • Inbuilt Console
  • Save and load your creations
  • Auto-save feature
  • Code auto-completion
  • Easy addition of popular JS & CSS libraries
  • Import & Export all creations anytime, anywhere
  • Multiple editor themes & other configurable settings
  • Font options + use any system font!
  • Very easily accessible. Simply open a new tab in Chrome! (in chrome extension only)
  • Multiple layouts to choose from
  • Capture preview screenshot (in Chrome extension only)
  • Save as HTML file
  • Edit in CodePen

Follow @webmakerApp for updates or tweet out feature requests and suggestions.

Support Web Maker

Hi! I am Kushagra Gour. Web Maker is a free and open-source project. To keep myself motivated for working on such open-source and free side projects, I have launched a Patreon campaign. Your pledge, no matter how small, will act as an appreciation towards my work and keep me going forward making Web Maker more awesome🔥.

Become a patron

If not that, you can support by simply sharing about how much you love 💖 @webmakerapp.

Web Maker stays stable as rock with every release, thanks to the sponsored testing on the awesome BrowserStack! Browserstack logo


MIT Licensed

Copyright (c) 2018 Kushagra Gour,