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🐞 Where to Report?

Discovered an issue with a website, app or anything else? Want to report it to the creators but don't know where? Search here.

Add to List

Found something missing? You can add the reporting link if you know it or simply let me know what's missing. There are 2 ways you can add to the list:

If you have experience with Github

  1. Fork this repo.
  2. Edit _data/list.json and add the missing item.
  3. Open a Pull request.

If you don't have experience with Github

  1. Open an issue by clicking here (You'll need to be login on Github for this).
  2. Mention the Name, Link to the item and Issue reporting link in the issue.
  3. I'll verify and add it to the list.

About this Website

Made by Kushagra Gour because he had trouble finding where to report issues.

Built with Eleventy, Preact and Netlify.


MIT Licensed.

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