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Replace the standard recent items in the Salesforce.

Tracking users activities, and see what records they have accessed. It helps you to answer some of the questions, like:  - How many times a record has been viewed by different users  ? 
- Who is the most active user (in term of having clicked most records)?

Customizable recent items ! Now you can define what and how many you wan to see.

Far more better than what standard recent items does, display more than 22 standard objects. E.g, product, asset, and task. 

Display up to 200 items, 20 times more than standard recent items can do.

Retrieve recent items from API. Because we save the recent items record into the custom object, so you can retrieve everyone's items from standard Salesforce API. Having recent items in your own application has never been easier! 

100% native salesforce application. No dependence on any external resources or host servers.