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Turtle Dash

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Transform your empty chrome tabs into a gorgeous, productivity powerhouse.
Bring life to your tabs with Turtle Dash. Experience beautiful landscape backgrounds and essential tools right in the window tab.

Designed with productivity in mind, the experience gives users an elegant, yet simple interface to make the most out of their day.

The virtual dashboard greets you with the current time and weather. With a gorgeous backdrop and quotes, it's difficult to not be inspired to take massive action towards your daily goals.

The main focus section keeps you laser-focused on the most important task of the day every time you open a new tab. If you have smaller hurdles not to be forgotten, the to-do list has your back.

★ Features ★

➤ Beautiful interface - beautiful background, minimal interface to keep you on task

➤ Extreme Focus - Focus on one task and one task only

➤ Task Oriented - To do list keeps you mindful of other imperative matters

➤ Google Search Ready - Search google right on the dashboard without having to load up the search engine

➤ Relevance To You - Provides you with the current weather and time for your area

➤ Configurable Features - The app is customizable to your liking, turn features on and off as you see fit

➤ Open-Source - Freedom to code the app to appease your development desires

available in the chrome web store

★ Credits ★
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Created by:
@Jneidel Project Manager