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grad.then() Build Status - Columns and their card count

Chingu Voyage 6 project (bears-01 team)

Life after freeCodeCamp

Completed your boot camp? No more freeCodeCamp challenges to take?

Looks like it's time to get a job!

grad.then() is aimed at you, to give you the information and tools you need to get a job after completing your training.

Project Progress

We are proud to work as a team, and here is our project progress.

Throughput Graph

Built With

The main libraries used in the development of grad.then() are shown in the following table. For a complete list of libraries consult the package.json file.

Library Purpose
Gatsby Blazing-fast static site generator for React
Styled Components Visual primitives for the component age.

Get started

  1. Clone this repo and install dependencies:
git clone
# or if you use SSH
git clone
# change directory
cd grad.then
# install dependencies
npm install
  1. Read the project wiki about env variables.

  2. Create .env.development and .env.production files in the root folder and add to both current values of tokens.

touch .env.development .env.production
# open files and add env variables and their values you have got from other project members
  1. Run the app
npm run dev
# then open localhost:8000

Git workflow

  • master: production release.
  • development: Upcoming change to be merged into master.
  • developer branch: Individual branches for each developer.

development will have PR's from developer branches merged into it, to do this:

# make your development branch
git branch dev-myUserName-issuenumber-description
# make your change and push to the development branch
git push origin dev-myUserName-issuenumber-description

Complete your PR through the GitHub UI.

As a good working practice request that another team member review and merge your PR for a sanity check


The project is currently hosted on GitHub pages and can be deployed from one of the teams machines with:

npm run deploy

This will build the site to the public folder and deploy to the gh-pages branch on GitHub.


Name Location
Marina Biletska Hurghada, Egypt
Miljan Djordjevic Belgrade, Serbia
Scott Spence London, UK


Name Location Team
Hasan Hacioglu Istanbul, TR V3-bears-16
Nedu Robert Lagos, Nigeria V4-bears-24




grad.then() Life after freeCodeCamp, get a job πŸ’ͺ




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