angular directives for creating common charts using d3
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This project is deprecated.


  1. One click chart change
  2. Tiny - 4.4kb minified and gzipped
  3. Auto tooltips
  4. Auto h,w dimensions updates automatically when resizing
  5. Beautiful animations
  6. Callback events
  7. Simple data format

Download | Playground | Contribute

##Installation Grab the latest zip from releases, copy angular-charts.min.js to web root, and refer it from page.

<script src='path/to/js/angular-charts.min.js' type='text/javascript'></script>

Add as dependency in your module

angular.module('yourApp', ['angularCharts']);


  1. angular
  2. d3

Install using bower

bower install angular-charts

Refer all dependencies in your page in right order

<script src='./bower_components/angular/angular.min.js' type='text/javascript'></script>
<script src='./bower_components/d3/d3.min.js' type='text/javascript'></script>
<script src='./bower_components/angular-charts/dist/angular-charts.min.js' type='text/javascript'></script>

##Configuration Directive syntax

<div ac-chart="chartType" ac-data="data" ac-config="config" id='chart' class='chart'></div>

Note: chartType, data and config are properties of scope. Not the actual values.

###ac-chart - string Allowed values - 'pie', 'bar', 'line', 'point', 'area'

###ac-config - object

 var config = {
  title: '', // chart title. If this is false, no title element will be created.
  tooltips: true,
  labels: false, // labels on data points
  // exposed events
  mouseover: function() {},
  mouseout: function() {},
  click: function() {},
  // legend config
  legend: {
    display: true, // can be either 'left' or 'right'.
    position: 'left',
    // you can have html in series name
    htmlEnabled: false
  // override this array if you're not happy with default colors
  colors: [],
  innerRadius: 0, // Only on pie Charts
  lineLegend: 'lineEnd', // Only on line Charts
  lineCurveType: 'cardinal', // change this as per d3 guidelines to avoid smoothline
  isAnimate: true, // run animations while rendering chart
  yAxisTickFormat: 's', //refer tickFormats in d3 to edit this value
  xAxisMaxTicks: 7, // Optional: maximum number of X axis ticks to show if data points exceed this number
  yAxisTickFormat: 's', // refer tickFormats in d3 to edit this value
  waitForHeightAndWidth: false // if true, it will not throw an error when the height or width are not defined (e.g. while creating a modal form), and it will be keep watching for valid height and width values

###ac-data - object

Entire data structure looks like this

var acData = {
  series: ["Sales", "Income", "Expense"],
  data: [{
    x: "Computers",
    y: [54, 0, 879],
    tooltip: "This is a tooltip"

series - string array

var series = [

data - object array

x defines what goes on x axis, must be a string, y defines what goes on y axis, must be an array of numbers. Values are mapped to series by index. y[0] belongs to series[0], y[1] belongs to series[1] and so on. Tooltip is optional.

Each data point looks like this

var dataPoint = {
  x: "Computers",
  y: [54, 0, 879],
  tooltip: "This is a tooltip"

Note: series and data are arrays

##Events Three events are exposed via config object.

click : function(d) {
mouseover : function(d) {
mouseout : function(d) {


Thanks to all awesome contributors

Some things to follow

  1. Make sure all tests are passing.
  2. Update this README if you are doing any change to config object.
  3. Avoid any changes in data format
  4. Keep backwards compatibility

Note: Please don't send any PRs until you see this. I'm refactoring angular-charts.

git clone
npm install
bower install

To run tests:

grunt karma

##Got suggestions ? Feel free to submit a pull request, file an issue, or get in touch on twitter @_chinmaymk

License - MIT. Build Status