Simple vim plugin for common misspellings and typos
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A simple vim plugin that automatically corrects common misspellings and typos as you type.


This plugin supports over 4,000 common misspellings, as defined in plugin/fat-finger.vim.

The settings in the plugin file are defined using Vim's iabbrev keyword, which is part of Vim's built-in abbreviations feature. The definitions follow a format of iabbrev, followed by the commonly misspelled word, and then finally the desired corrected version of misspelling.

For example:

iabbrev acheive achieve
iabbrev contraversy controversy
iabbrev demenor demeanor
iabbrev embarass embarrass
iabbrev lisence license
iabbrev morgage mortgage
iabbrev nightfa;; nightfall
iabbrev offred offered
iabbrev precice precise
iabbrev teh the                                                                                                  


git clone
cp vim-fat-finger/plugin/fat-finger.vim ~/.vim/plugin/


Simply edit ~/.vim/plugin/fat-finger.vim to suit your needs. If you don't like a specific definition, feel free to edit it or remove it altogether.




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