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Chip16 Project (version 1.3)

The Chip16 emulation project home, with documentation, examples, and help.

What is Chip16?

An emulation project helping programmers write their first emulator, using a well-defined, relatively simple VM specification.

It also doubles as a cool toy platform to write little games and demos for.

Herdle - Mandel

Where to go - Wiki

Head over to the wiki: you will find exchaustive information about the system, and a full list of opcodes to implement.

You will also find rationale for Chip16's development, as well as guides, soon.

What to get

My work, excluding ROMs:

  • mash16 - my own emulator; best choice for Linux
  • Js16 - my alt. emulator, in-browser
  • tchip16 - assembler
  • img16 - image to sprite converter (also available in the src directory)

Others' work (cherry picked):

  • RefChip16 - Refraction (PCSX2 dev)'s emulator; best choice for Windows
  • hchip - emulator written in Haskell, for cool people


What else?

Other ROMs, emulators, tools and ideas are buried in:

Original development thread (NGEmu/Emuforums)

If you have any program, or patch to contribute, feel free to post a Pull Request!