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Tested out UBW32 MX795, UBW32 MX460, FubarinoSD and FubarinoMini boot…

…loaders - all work.

Fixed a problem in ViewHeadersInfo.pde - made it more general (for USB based boards)
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EmbeddedMan committed Oct 29, 2012
1 parent 53a7062 commit 94ff60f9f748c8d89323e9c840c268ab6d70ab6f
@@ -1,4 +1,29 @@
-The 'new' bootloader for MPIDE/chipKIT PIC32 boards
+The 'new' bootloader for MPIDE/chipKIT PIC32 boards
+This bootloader is buildable for all currently available official chipKIT boards (UNO32, MAX32, uC32) as well
+as many "3rd-party" boards (meaning other boards that either happen to work with MPIDE or were designed that way, but
+not by Digilent) like the UBW32 and Fubarino boards.
+The bootloader codebase supports two methods of bootloading - over UART (async serial) or USB CDC-ACM (virtual serial).
+These two methods are mutually exclusive in the current bootloader code - for a given board, you build the bootloader
+for EITHER serial OR USB, but not both. This decission is made by which files are included in the build, and the #define
+CAPIBILITIES in the BoardConfig.h file.
+There is a separate project and workspace for each board for MPLAB 8, and a single project and multiple build targets for
+MPLAB X. To build the code requires eiher MPLAB 8 or MPLAB X and the C32 v2.02 compiler.
+IMPORTANT NOTE: While the majority of this code was written and tested by Keith Vogel of Digilent Inc., this software
+is NOT a product of Digilent Inc. and Digilent will provide no suport for it. They have gracefully contributed this
+code as open source code to the MPIDE community, and it is now being maintined and supported purely through the ChipKIT
+forums ( and the GetHub repo site ( for
+code updates and issue tracking. This means that the official bootloader HEX file for a board purchased from Digilent
+is NOT contained here. If you want the official HEX file for the bootloader for your Digilent board, you should go to
+Digilent's website and download it from there. You can of course also use the bootloader HEX files from this codebase,
+but they are not official Digilent bootloaders.
+The BoardConfig.h file contains all of the board-speciffic information (what capibilities the board has, what pins
+the LEDs and buttons (if any) are on, what the config bits are, etc.).
@@ -1,5 +1,5 @@
-#Sun Oct 28 18:51:09 CDT 2012
+#Sun Oct 28 20:49:42 CDT 2012
MX7_UART.languagetoolchain.dir=C\:\\Program Files\\Microchip\\mplabc32\\v2.02\\bin
MX4_UBW32_USB.languagetoolchain.dir=C\:\\Program Files\\Microchip\\mplabc32\\v2.02\\bin
@@ -1,7 +1,7 @@
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<configurationDescriptor version="62">
- <defaultConf>10</defaultConf>
+ <defaultConf>17</defaultConf>
<conf name="UNO32" type="2">
@@ -42,8 +42,8 @@ void setup() {
- #if defined(_BOARD_FUBARINO_SD_) || defined(_BOARD_FUBARINO_MINI_)
- // the 3 second delay is put in for the Furbario USB to allow time to open the serial monitor
+ #if defined(_USE_USB_FOR_SERIAL_)
+ // the 3 second delay is put in for boards that use USB serial to allow time to open the serial monitor

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