FAT32 Fixes for SD lib (easy) #161

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The following changes are needed for Fat32 file systems:



ound a part of the FAT32 bug. It's in the same SDFile.cpp, openRoot method, where in calling vol->chainSize(firstCluster_, &fileSize_), fileSize_'s address is not correct. Tried this and works to open a FAT32 card , it says it creates a new file, but I didn't check the card. So I don't know if there is another bug remained or not.

Initial code in the openRoot method is:
if (!vol->chainSize(firstCluster_, &fileSize_)) return false;

Modified code in the openRoot method is:
uint32_t *pfileSize_ = new uint32_t();
*pfileSize_ = fileSize_;
if (!vol->chainSize(firstCluster_, pfileSize_))
Serial.println("Error opening FAT32 filesystem"); return false;
Serial.println("Success opening filesystem");
fileSize_ = *pfileSize_;
delete pfileSize_;
pfileSize_ = NULL;

The Serial.println's are just for debugging.


uint8_t SdFile::addCluster() {
uint32_t *curClusterP_ = new uint32_t();
*curClusterP_ = curCluster_;
if (!vol_->allocContiguous(1, curClusterP_)) return false;
curCluster_ = *curClusterP_;
delete curClusterP_;
curClusterP_ = NULL;
// if first cluster of file link to directory entry
if (firstCluster_ == 0) {
firstCluster_ = curCluster_;
flags_ |= F_FILE_DIR_DIRTY;
return true;


Thanks for this information. I have someone working on trying to track down the problems with SD right now. I'll have her look at this right away.


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