Select a RTC library as a core RTC library for ChipKit #297

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Select a RTC library as a core RTC library for ChipKit

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Rick, what are you thinking for the RTC functionality that's needed here? The ability to set date and time, the ability to read date and time, and anything else? Calendar functions for computing what day it will be on Jan 2nd, 2521, etc? Obviously this would loose date/time if you powered down the board, but what about reset? Should it keep the time after a reboot? What about the way that time/date are reported? A long long in milliseconds, that can then get fed into a function to print out a string with time,date year, etc? I know all of this stuff is available in standard unix systems, but I couldn't find a simple library for an embedded system that would just drop in for us, so we may have to write it ourselves.

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You're welcome to help yourselves (myself?) to my RTCC library to use as a base. It's not perfect (it was an early library, and my "l33t sk1lz" have improved somewhat since then), but it should be simple enough to incorporate the the Time library into it all as well. It'd be kind of nice to have "standard" POSIX time functions as well, so have a time() function that returns seconds since 01/01/70, etc.

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