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On the UNO32, there're two hardware serial ports. I need a third one:
• harwdare serial for debugging,
• first NewSoftSerial for GPS
• second NewSoftSerial for LCD + touch

On Arduino, the solution is the NewSoftSerial library.

On UNO32, #include "NewSoftSerial.h" raises the error

/Users/~/Documents/Arduino/_Projets/libraries/NewSoftSerial/NewSoftSerial.cpp:37:27: fatal error: avr/interrupt.h: No such file or directory
compilation terminated.

Any alternative for a software serial library with available(), flush() and alike?


The new Arduino IDE 1.0 release integrates NewSoftSerial as a standard library, renamed SoftwareLibrary.

A close look at it shows specific platform code has been our on a separate file.

How to customise this file for the chipKIT platform?


I'm also very interested in having a library for the chipKIT similar to the NewSoftSerial for the Arduino!



chipKIT member

+1 If anyone wants to create a patch for it. I'll accept it.

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