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<?php if ( ! is_singular() ) { ?>
<ul id="loop-footer">
<li id="bottompostnav">
if ( function_exists( 'wp_paginate' ) ) {
wp_paginate( 'title=' );
} else {
echo '<div class="postsnavlinks">';
posts_nav_link( '&nbsp;' , '&larr;' , '&rarr;' );
echo '</div>';
<?php }
The following functions, tags, and hooks are used (or referenced) in this Theme template file:
function_exists() is a boolean (returns TRUE or FALSE) conditional PHP function.
Codex reference: N/A
PHP reference:
function_exists( 'foo' ) returns TRUE if a function named foo() is found; otherwise, it returns FALSE.
is_singular() is a WordPress template conditional tag.
Codex reference:
is_singular() is a boolean (returns TRUE or FALSE) conditional tag that returns true if any of the following are true:
is_single() - a single post ("post" post-type, i.e. a single blog post) is displayed
is_page() - a page ("page" post-type) is displayed
is_attachment() - an attachment
posts_nav_link() is a WordPress template tag.
Codex reference:
posts_nav_link() is used to display Previous/Next links for paginated lists of posts
(e.g. index.php, archive.php, category.php, tag.php).
Note: the "Previous" link indicates *newer* posts; the "Next" link indicates *older* posts.
Thus, "Previous" and "Next" indicate the reverse-chronological nature of blog posts;
i.e. Previous in time (more recent) and Next in time (older).
posts_nav_link( $sep, $prelabel, $nxtlabel ) accepts 3 arguments:
- $sep: text displayed between "Previous" and "Next" links. Defaults to ' :: '.
- $prelabel: Link text displayed for "Previous" link. Defaults to '<< Previous Page'.
- $nxtlabel: Link text displayed for "Next" link. Defaults to 'Next Page >>'.
<?php posts_nav_link('&nbsp;&diams;&nbsp;','&laquo;&laquo; Newer Posts','Older Posts &raquo;&raquo;'); ?>
Displays '<< Newer Posts' and 'Older Posts >>', with diamonds as a separator.
posts_nav_link() must be used within the Loop.
wp_paginate() is a custom function for the WP-Paginate plugin
Codex reference: N/A
Plugin reference:
wp_paginate() accepts one argument, that can be used to override default settings.
Refer to the plugin reference for more information.
wp_paginate() is used to output page numbers, in place of Previous/Next Post links.
wp_paginate() must be used within the Loop.
*/ ?>
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