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Template Name: Sidebar-Right
<!-- Begin Right Column Widget Area-->
<?php if ( !function_exists('dynamic_sidebar') || !dynamic_sidebar('sidebar-right') ) : ?><?php endif; ?>
<!-- End Right Column Widget Area -->
<?php /*
The following functions, tags, and hooks are used (or referenced) in this Theme template file:
dynamic_sidebar() is a WordPress function.
Codex reference:
dynamic_sidebar() is used to insert widgetized areas ("sidebars") into a Theme.
dynamic_sidebar( 'foo' ) will insert a dynamic sidebar named "foo".
Dynamic sidebars must be defined and registered. Refer to functions.php for more information.
function_exists() is a boolean (returns TRUE or FALSE) conditional PHP function.
Codex reference: N/A
function_exists( 'foo' ) returns TRUE if a function named foo() is found; otherwise, it returns FALSE.
*/ ?>
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