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Template Name: Sidebar-Right
<!-- Begin Right Column Widget Area-->
<?php if ( !dynamic_sidebar( 'sidebar-right' ) ) {
$widgetsidebarrightargs = array(
'before_widget' => '<div class="widget">',
'after_widget' => '</div>',
'before_title' => '<div class="title widgettitle">',
'after_title' => '</div>'
the_widget('WP_Widget_Calendar' , 'title=' , $widgetsidebarrightargs );
the_widget( 'oenology_widget_linkrollbycat' , 'title=Oenology Links by Cat' , $widgetsidebarrightargs );
the_widget('WP_Widget_Meta' , 'title=Meta' , $widgetsidebarrightargs );
} ?>
<!-- End Right Column Widget Area -->
<?php /*
The following functions, tags, and hooks are used (or referenced) in this Theme template file:
dynamic_sidebar() is a WordPress function.
Codex reference:
dynamic_sidebar() is used to insert widgetized areas ("sidebars") into a Theme.
dynamic_sidebar( 'foo' ) will insert a dynamic sidebar named "foo".
Dynamic sidebars must be defined and registered. Refer to functions.php for more information.
the_widget() is a WordPress template tag.
Codex reference:
the_widget() is used to output a Widget anywhere within a Theme. This tag allows Widgets to be
displayed outside of a Widgetized sidebar. The tag can also be used to output "default" Widgets that will
display in a defined Widgetized sidebar location if no Widgets are defined (by the user) to appear in
the sidebar.
the_widget( 'WP_Widget_Calendar' ) will display the Calendar Widget.
the_widget( $widget, $instance, $args ) accepts 3 arguments:
- $widget: name of the Widget to be output (can be a core Widget, such as WP_Widget_Calendar, or a custom, Theme-defined Widget)
- $instance: Widget instance settings (e.g. Title)
- $args: Widget arguments (before_widget, after_widget, before_title,after_title, etc.)
the_widget() can be used anywhere within a template.
*/ ?>
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