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// theme-setup.php includes all of the various Theme setup:
// add_theme_support()
// $content_width
// Define custom image sizes, custom headers, nav menus
require( get_template_directory() . '/functions/theme-setup.php' );
// custom.php includes all of the Theme's custom functions
// filter wp_title
// filter comment_count
// Custom footer copyright notice
// Gallery image links and metadata handling
// 404 error handling
// current-cat CSS class
// navigation breadcrumb
require( get_template_directory() . '/functions/custom.php' );
// widgets.php includes the Theme's Widgetized sidebars and custom Widgets
// register_sidebar
// define custom widgets
// register_widget
require( get_template_directory() . '/functions/widgets.php' );
// options.php includes the Theme options and Admin Settings page
// Define default Theme Options
// Register/Initialize Theme Options
// Admin Settings Page
// Contextual Help
require( get_template_directory() . '/functions/options.php' );
// reference.php includes the Theme Admin Reference page
// General Theme Notes
// FAQ
// Code Reference
// Changelog
require( get_template_directory() . '/functions/reference.php' );
The following functions, tags, and hooks are used (or referenced) in this Theme template file:
require_once() is a PHP function.
Codex reference: N/A
PHP reference:
require_once( $file ) will include the file specified by the $file argument
require_once() will return a fatal error if the specified file cannot be included. Also, if theme
specified file has already been included, require_once() will not attempt to include it again.
require_once( $file ) accepts one argument:
- $file (string): file to be included.
require_once( 'foo.php' )
- will include the file "foo.php".
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