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* Template part file that contains the default right-column dynamic sidebar content
* This file is called by all primary template pages
* @uses oenology_get_widget_args() Defined in /functions/widgets.php
* @link the_widget()
* @package Oenology
* @copyright Copyright (c) 2010, Chip Bennett
* @license GNU General Public License, v2 (or newer)
* @since Oenology 1.0
// Output default widgets, using the_widget()
// Codex reference: {@link: the_widget}
// Used to output a Widget anywhere within a Theme. This tag allows Widgets to be
// displayed outside of a Widgetized sidebar. The tag can also be used to output
// "default" Widgets that will display in a defined Widgetized sidebar location
// if no Widgets are defined (by the user) to appear in the sidebar.
// @param string $widget name of the Widget to output; default: none
// @param string $instance Widget instance settings (e.g. Title); default: none
// @param array $args Widget arguments (before_widget, after_widget, before_title,after_title, etc.)
// @return mixed Widget output
// Calls the core "Calendar" Widget, with no Title
the_widget('WP_Widget_Calendar' , 'title=' , oenology_get_widget_args() );
// Calls the core "Meta" Widget, with "Meta" as Title
the_widget('WP_Widget_Meta' , 'title=Meta' , oenology_get_widget_args() );
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