line ending bug in change log reference? #60

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hi there.

2.5 [2011.12.16]
Maintenance Release

the <<< Heredoc string in the contextual-help-changelog.php file didn't work for me until I opened the file in BBEdit and resaved it with Unix (LF) line endings. before the fix, most of the change log was showing up in the template list sidebar of the editor page.

from the php Manual:
It's also important to realize that the first character before the closing identifier must be a newline as defined by the local operating system. This is \n on UNIX systems, including Mac OS X.

I've seen the theme, and your site. your work is incredible. I'm in awe of your dedication to the code. very very nice. I hope to learn much from it as I rebuild my own site.


(WP 3.3.1 running on an Apache 2.2.15 / php 5.2.14 server)


Thanks for reporting this. I usually catch any LF mismatches, but somehow this one got missed. 99% of my development is in Linux, so this usually isn't a problem to begin with. :)

And thanks for the kind words; I would love to hear whether or not Oenology is beneficial your development process!


hello Chip

I'm reading a lot of documentation, both on the codex site and in your theme.

the information in your theme is definitely educational and it's giving me many ideas, but I have to be careful to only implement the ideas that I need, rather than adding lots of bells and whistles that would only be needed if the theme was made public.

I hired a company in the U.S. to redesign my site in WP/WPML, but many months later, they were unable to deliver a fully working product because they were not familiar with WPML and had used one or two non-WPML-compatible plugins. but at least there's a layout and framework to work from. so now, I'm building the site from scratch. the content needs to get published first, followed by better styling, and then the bells and whistles :-)

just one question if you have time. would you recommend using a plugin or coding myself to define custom fields for custom post types? I've read the documentation on custom post types. I could handle that. the custom fields are a little different. there doesn't seem to be an API to define the nature of the fields (bool, str, etc) or have them set up and ready to use from the start.



the name of the template doesn't get listed in WP's Editor correctly because (and this took a while to work out) WP doesn't like that you have the phrase "Template name:" in line#15. it looks like a WP bug to me.




Sorry for the late reply; somehow I missed your comment.

My preference would be to code your custom post meta and custom post types yourself, rather than to rely on a Plugin. But each use case is different.

The "Template name:" thing definitely sounds like a WP bug to me. Have you searched Trac, and/or submitted a bug report? (Personally, I wish that editor would die in a fire; but that's just me. :) )


I still want to find a better approach than heredoc, but at least this specific issue should now be fixed.

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