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The code for my Font Combinator
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The Web Font Combinator

This is the source code for

It is a fairly straigtfoward set of files.

  • index.php - which holds the actual content of the tool. What server-side logic is used is also here.
  • javascript/fc_functions.js - this is the real heart of the font-combinator. It will work to a point without JavaScript. But, as the use of the google fonts API is JavaScript dependent - it really should have JavaScript enabled. The script relies on jQuery (version 1.8.2)
  • javascript/fc_functions-ck.js - this is the minified version of the above file
  • /less/ - the CSS was written in LESS, and compiled to the /css/ directory. I may consider converting to SASS in the future, as it is what I have used more recently
  • third party scripts - like colorpicker.js and html5slider.js.
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