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PearlRiver (珠江芯片一号)

This projects covers the 1st LibreSilicon Test Chip.

There is a tradition in the Silicon Foundry business to code name Process Control / Process Evaluation Modules (PCM/PEM) with big rivers. Following that tradition, we like to call the 1st LibreSilicon Test / Evaluation Wafer "Pearl River". The Pearl River (珠江) flows close to LibreSilicons rented 1st Clean Room Facility.


Currently we are using a patched version of Magic 8.2.

For the technology representing we patched the SCMOS technology file from Mosis. Our technology file is stored in the PearlRiver Repository.

All Layout files are stored inside

  • Library/magic Folder, and
  • Layout/magic Folder.

For evaluating relevant parameters, we are using test structures which are placed in form of a triangle; representing the bottom, left, upper and right side of the die.

View Layout files with

magic -T Layout/magic/PearlRiver_quarter.mag

for the quarters, or

magic -T Layout/magic/PearlRiver_die.mag

for the whole die.


For documentation we are using LaTeX.

All original LaTeX files are stored inside

  • Documentation/LaTeX Folder

You can build the documentation out of the LaTeX sources just by using the Makefile

make doc

on top of the project directory. Please read the documentation with the PDF Viewer of your choise

$PDFVIEWER Documentation/PearlRiver.pdf


If you do not understand, what the hack we are doing here, please sit back with a good textbook about CMOS or ASIC technology development and learn. Please come back later.


1st Testwafer for LibreSilicon






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