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## Work
Currently a Senior Engineer at Uber's Advanced Technologies Center (ATC).
- Software Engineer at Google (Pittsburgh; 2012-2016).
- Physicist at NIST (Gaithersburg; 2010-2012).
## Education
- PhD in Physics, Carnegie Mellon University (2010)
- BSc in Physics and Computer Science, Brock University (2005)
## Publications
My [Google Scholar profile]( is reasonably up-to-date.
## Trivia
- I designed the logo for the [CMU Physics Department] -- at least, I did if
they're still using this one:\
![My design for the physics department logo](
- It highlights major research areas of our department at the time.
- **Astrophysics**: the bottom section represents the spiral arms of
- **High Energy Physics**: the top section represents crossed rings at
some particle collider or other (the LHC, perhaps?)
- **Condensed Matter Physics**: My work! The dot on the _i_ is
a hexagonal diffraction pattern, like untold myriads I observed during
grad school.
- Took me about 2 hours using [Inkscape].
- I once held the [world record for reciting digits of $e$ from memory]( 1590 of 'em, to be precise (I can now do roughly 10).
- I'm also part of the 1000-digit-plus club for pi.
[CMU Physics Department]: