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gppois News
CHANGES IN VERSION 0.2-1 (2012-07-17)
* Trimmed some fat: .Rbuildignore now excludes .Rdata and .Rhistory files,
and datasets are compressed. (Package size reduced by 83%!)
CHANGES IN VERSION 0.2-0 (2012-07-16)
* Upgraded to use the latest version of R (2.15.1); now requires >= 2.14.0 so
NAMESPACE works correctly
* All documentation now uses roxygen2 (previously, functions used roxygen2,
but classes were documented with Rdoc from R.oo)
* I have begun converting my old unit tests. Package now does some unit
testing, but it's presently incomplete
* Added 'flameSpeed' demo, to illustrate how to analyze data with this
package. Few datapoints, so it's fairly fast.
* Another demo, 'steelStrain', is somewhat long (training can take upwards of
10 minutes), but the pictures are pretty.
* Added three new datasets
- simXrayAu2nm is simulated data from our JAC paper
- xrayTiO2np20nm is experimental data from our JAC paper
- flameSpeed is used for a simple demo
* steelStrain now includes all three strain columns, as well as a separate
data.frame with the "gap" datapoints
* Plot2D.Dataset: clearing previously-plotted material is now *optional*;
pass clear=FALSE to prevent it
* getLower() and getUpper() now match positionally with getParams(), when
* is TRUE. Model$Train() had been failing because of a defect
in how optim() handles bounds for the L-BFGS-B method.