Family Map provides schools with the ability to record service/lesson usage for their customers (members/pupils/parents) and gives the ability to map service users and their relationships.)
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ZF4 Family Map - Introduction

Family Map represents a breakthrough for schools and colleges managing their services to end users, whether they be 
students or others.

Family Map allows you map your service users against geographic areas to determine whether you are complying with 
your funding requirements to provide services. The system comes with an easy to use click and go query dialog 
allowing you to select just the data you need.

You maintain your own data securely and simply. Each authorised user has full access to only your data. The system 
logs all edit actions and logon attempts allowing you to track system usage.

The Reporting faclities are easy to use and let you get the information you want out of the system. You create 
reports in the same way that you use the mapping system and you can save your own report profiles for quick retrieval 
at a later time. Our smart software allows you to report on people that are within the geographic areas that you 
have defined for the map, giving you the ammunition you need to face the inspectors or better plan your services 
going forward.

Use the latest technology to gain a better understanding of the relationships between your members, pupils, staff, 
ancillaries and care workers. The fully interactive relationship map allows you to explore the links between people 
in the system in an intuitive fashion. The system allows you to define your own types of relationships and apply them 
only to the types of people that you specify.

To ease system usage, you can import your data into the system from spreadsheet files using the flexible import 

Check out some visuals at

We are in the process of setting up a publicly available demonstration site.

User documentation is already written - please see 

LAMP stack web server
The system comes with a cut down version of the industry standard Zend Framework library.  You may use this one or one 
that is already installed on your server.  You can optionally choose to utilise the PHPIDS Intruder Detection System 
software at a later time.

See docs/Install.txt

Read more
See docs/about.txt

Admin/User Documentation

Want to help?
See docs/todo.txt

ZF4 Family Map is released under the GNU Affero General Public License V3