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This is the reference GUI for Pangea Poker, blackchain based decentralised game.

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Screenshot of Lightining CHIPS Poker

Pangea Poker

⚠️ Keep in mind that the game is in alpha stage. There is a risk of loosing funds.

Play decentralized poker via the CHIPS blockchain.

We hope to release a publicly playable version in April. You can find the latest releases here.

Currently, to play, you will need to run your own back-end nodes. We are working on a Docker container to make this easy, which is expected to ship in April. Here you can find the old, complicated way of setting up the back-end nodes.


  • Run npm install and npm start in the root folder This will fire up a web server and you can try the app via http://localhost:1234

  • Run npm run electron-dev to start the Electron app in development.

Run npm electron-pack to package the app with electron-builder for MacOS, Windows and Linux.

Pre-push GitHook

In order not to fail Gitub CI all the time, set up a local git hook to check lint and run tests before a push to the repo.

Pre push Github docs

nano ./.git/hooks/pre-push

set -e
node_modules/eslint/bin/eslint.js './src/' --ext .js,.ts,.tsx
npm run test

sudo chmod +x ./.git/hooks/pre-push

State Management

Good video explaining redux vs context state management approach

Developer Mode

You can activate developer mode and skip the startup modal by adjusting the src/config/local.json.

Environment variables in scripts

REDUCER - adds extra logging from reducer to the console output.


Please reach out to us via Discord and check out the open Issues.

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