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Zikula Core - Application Framework

Zikula Core is an Application Framework which extends Symfony 3.x and includes technologies fostering a dynamic modular development paradigm and Twig-based theming system which allows for rapid website and application development. See the Features document for more information.

Zikula also features an MDSD tool for rapid prototyping and module development called ModuleStudio or MOST.

Zikula can quickly become a Content Management System utilizing community-driven modules.

For more information visit


  • Zikula Core requires PHP >= 5.5.9
  • Additional server considerations can be found on the Symfony site
  • Zikula requires more memory than typical to install. You should set your memory limit in php.ini to 128 MB for the installation process.
  • Zikula requires that date.timezone be set in the php.ini configuration file (or .htaccess).
  • Zikula requires AllowOverride All and the mod_rewrite module (be aware the Apache 2.3.9+ has changed the default setting for AllowOverride to None).
  • Zikula also requires other php extensions and configurations. These are checked during the installation process and if there are problems, you will be notified. If you discover errors, check with your hosting provider on how to rectify these issues. Typically, they will require changing the php.ini file or possibly reconfiguring the php installation by your provider.


Please see our developer documentation


Contributions can be made to Zikula in a number of ways

  1. By using our software!
  2. Assisting other users at our Slack channels
  3. Creating themes for Zikula.
  4. Authoring additional modules for Zikula.
  5. Contributing bug fixes and patches to the Core.

Pull requests are welcome, please see