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Commits on Feb 28, 2012
  1. @bcelary

    Increase the buffer size for memcached stats.

    bcelary authored committed
    The buffer size for retrieving memcached stats was 1KB, but this could
    result in missing some data on some setups. Instead, increase to 2KB.
    Reviewed at
  2. @bcelary

    Fix the clean cache backend method.

    bcelary authored committed
    The clean method for cleaning the cache backend wasn't returning the
    resulting value, causing a crash.
    Reviewed at
  3. Release Review Board

  4. Fix sorting the Review ID column with the new LocalSite ID changes.

    The Review ID column was using a function to get the proper ID for a
    review request, but functions aren't sortable in the database. This
    broke at least one user. Instead, construct the column with the proper
Commits on Feb 27, 2012
  1. Release Review Board 1.6.4.

  2. Switch away from 'requests' and standardize SCMTool HTTP usage.

    The 'requests' module, while nice on the outside, does not meet our
    needs today. It doesn't support Python 2.4 or 2.5 (which RB 1.6.x does
    support), and it's unclear what support will be going forward.
    In reality, the main reason we're using it in 1.6.x at all is because we
    needed to pre-populate the Authorization header, which requests will do
    automatically. However, this isn't anything special. We can just add
    that header ourselves and keep urllib2, which is fine because our needs
    there are very basic.
    In order to prevent code duplication, I've created a SCMClient class
    that Git's and Mercurial's clients inherit from. It provides at the
    moment one utility function, get_file_http, which wraps the urllib2
    logic. If we switch back at some point to requests or another module, we
    need only update this function. We probably won't need to, though.
    In the end, both classes are simplified, we don't need this dependency,
    we keep our Python support, and pre-populated authorizations work.
  3. Require Djblets 0.6.16.

    Since we'll be moving to a new, incompatible Djblets release before too
    long (which will require Django 1.4), we'll need to hard-code the
    version that RB 1.6.x is compatible with. Specify that as 0.6.16 for
Commits on Feb 19, 2012
  1. @davidt
  2. @davidt

    Fix links to screenshot comments in notification emails.

    davidt authored
    Notification emails for reviews and review replies would add a link to
    screenshot comments without the domain method or domain.
    Fixes bug 2305.
  3. @blindjimmy

    Add a diff header regex alias for Objective-C++ '.mm' files.

    blindjimmy authored committed
    This alias allows '.mm' files to follow the same header regexes as '.m'
    Reviewed at
  4. @blindjimmy

    Fix a docstring typo in NewReviewRequestForm.

    blindjimmy authored committed
    The word "creation" was typoed as "creationg."
    Reviewed at http://
Commits on Feb 13, 2012
  1. @davidt

    Fix a potential AttributeError when using ldap without fullName

    davidt authored committed
    When an ldap server was configured without a fullName attribute assigned, it
    would cause an AttributeError. Since having such a configuration is okay as long
    as there are also sn and givenName attributes, we can just eat the
    Fixes bug 2382
  2. @davidt

    Change the text on /r/new to be a bit more generic.

    davidt authored committed
    We had a request to change the list of operating systems that post-review
    supports to be a bit more generic. Instead of listing "solaris", I've changed it
    to be "other unix-like operating systems", which also includes flavors of BSD.
    Fixes bug 2444.
  3. @jimrrchen

    Expose Toggles for Opening Issues in Review Summary Dialog

    jimrrchen authored committed
    In the review summary dialog, there is now an "open an issue" checkbox after
    each comment. Also fixed the way we get checkbox states in reviews.js
    Tested in my local linux machine with Chrome using the following steps
    1. take any review request, view its diffs
    2. comment on any line of the diff, open an issue
    3. comment on some other line of the diff, don't open an issue
    4. there should be a green bar on top, click the "edit review" button
    5. in the summary, uncheck the "open an issue" in the first comment, don't
       modify the comment content
    6. check the "open an issue" in the second comment, don't modify the comment
    7. save the review
    8. refresh the page, and see that the issue states have been changed accordingly
    Reviewed at
    Fixes bugs 2282 and 2399
  4. @christandiono

    Remove extra CC headers in SpiffyEmailMessage.

    christandiono authored committed
    Supporting Django pre-1.3 was causing multiple CC headers to appear on
    emails sent out with Django 1.3.1 and RB 1.6.1. Django 1.3.1 is required
    for RB 1.6.1 now anyway, so there should be no problems with this.
    Reviewed at
  5. @elcurto99

    Fixed "Posted" date appears in the dashboard, but not in the review.

    elcurto99 authored committed
    This change adds the creation date to the content of the page (in addition to
    the dashboard). This also fixes the internationalization of this text.
    Fixes bug 1252.
    Reviewed at
  6. @smacleod

    Make "Expand All" icon work in review request page.

    smacleod authored committed
    The "+" icon to "Expand All" reviews on the review request page is now
    click-able. Tested on local dev using Chrome 16.0.912.75.
    Fixes bug 2439.
    Reviewed at
  7. @davidt

    Add Codebase HQ as a known hosting service.

    davidt authored
    This change makes it much easier to hook up a Git repository on
    Reviewed at
  8. @davidt

    Convert our HTTP requests from urllib2 to requests.

    davidt authored
    In addition to being a downright awful API to use, urllib2 has a fundamental
    flaw in that it will only send HTTP Basic Auth information if the first request
    for the resource comes back with a www-authenticate header. This doesn't work
    for many HTTPS mercurial repositories, and it doesn't work with some 3rd-party
    providers of raw-file URLs like Codebase HQ's API.
    This change converts our code to use the 'requests' module, which is downright
    sexy. 'requests' will also do a much better job of trying to guess the charset
    of any text we get.
    Fixes bug 547
    Reviewed at
Commits on Feb 11, 2012
  1. Add support for per-resource mimetypes in the API.

    Resources in the API are now returned with per-resource mimetypes. These
    allow a client to identify the resource and make an intelligent decision
    about what that payload represents without having to hard-code anything
    about the location of the resource. An example would be client bindings
    that could not only generically handle any resources but could also
    provide utility functions for specific ones.
    Unit tests have been updated to verify each and every resource we
    This change will be made available for 1.5 and 1.6, so that we could
    take advantage of this in RBTools.
  2. Make modern versions of our old backup/load scripts.

    The DB backup/load scripts are still around, but don't cover all models.
    It's worth fixing up, since they can be useful when moving from sqlite
    to something else.
    They've been moved to be management commands now. This will be made
    available to 1.6.
Commits on Jan 29, 2012
  1. @davidt

    Fix the "Review ID" column to show the correct ID when using local si…

    davidt authored
    This column wasn't showing the display ID, but rather the database pk. This
    worked unless you had local sites, in which case the ID shown would be useless.
    Fixes bug 2376.
Commits on Jan 24, 2012
  1. @davidt

    Fix pyflakes warnings.

    davidt authored
    Forgot to actually commit this to git before pushing--don't store a result in a
    variable without using it.
  2. @davidt

    Fix UnicodeEncodeErrors when viewing the user infobox for users with …

    davidt authored
    …unicode names
    When a user had unicode in their full name or email address, the infobox view
    would crash with a UnicodeEncodeError, because etags can only contain ascii.
    This fixes it to explicitly encode everything to ascii, replacing characters if
    Fixes bug 2309
    Reviewed at
  3. @davidt

    Add validation for the cache backend setting.

    davidt authored
    If users type the wrong thing into the cache backend setting in the admin site,
    it can save to the database, which will then cause any request to the site to
    generate a traceback. This is particularly annoying because settings are stored
    as a big JSON blob, so it's not even easy to fix.
    This change adds validation using django's parse_backend_uri--if the form can
    parse it, we know that this won't cause problems later on.
    Fixes bug 2347.
Commits on Jan 22, 2012
  1. @davidt

    Update LDAP user mask hint.

    davidt authored
    This adds another example to the LDAP user mask to tell people how to configure
    LDAP against AD.
    Fixes bug 2447.
  2. @davidt

    Fix documentation for git path.

    davidt authored
    This change updates the help text for the repository path to clarify that we
    should point to the .git directory for local git repos, and the clone path for
    Fixes bug 2448
  3. @davidt

    Avoid crashing if an scmtool returns bogus text during validation.

    davidt authored
    When an scmtool returns text with an unexpected encoding as an exception (such
    as if pysvn can't load the DLL because something is broken, and the system
    locale is Big-5), we would spew a traceback. This catches text encoding errors
    and forces it to "replace" instead, which means that users will see a bunch of
    boxes with question marks in them, but at least it's better than a traceback,
    and (in this particular case) includes the text "DLL load failed".
    Tested by manually raising an exception with the bogus text and verifying the
    displayed error in the UI.
    Fixes bug 1921.
Commits on Jan 21, 2012
  1. @davidt

    Fix DefaultReviewer.objects.for_repository for non-repo LocalSite rev…

    davidt authored
    DefaultReviewer objects worked properly with regards to LocalSite rooting when
    they had a repository associated, but not when they were global. This change
    adds an additional parameter to for_repository which will make sure that only
    LocalSite-specific default reviewers will be matched. This also includes a unit
    test for the same.
    Fixes bug 2367.
Commits on Jan 14, 2012
  1. @davidt

    Fix potential KeyErrors when submitting the repo form without a path.

    davidt authored
    If the repository form in the admin is submitted with a custom hosting service
    and an empty path, our validation would try to access the key directly without
    checking if it exists. This is fine for most fields but not those which come
    from ModelForm, so it fails. This change adds some simple validation to check
    that the path is specified.
Commits on Jan 11, 2012
  1. Fix a timing issue with the ChangeResourceTests.

    ChangeResourceTests was creating two ChangeDescriptions, one after the
    other, and then checking the order in the list resource results.
    However, it was very easy for them to have the same timestamp, since
    they were created at nearly the same time. Fix this by enforcing
    timestamps at least 1 second apart.
  2. Fix unit tests for the recent e-mail changes.

    The recent e-mail changes (changing from and the Return-Path addresses)
    broke unit tests. This fixes the tests to check for the correct values.
  3. Fix checking for file existence when the file is empty on Git.

    Git was using the file contents as an indicator as to whether a file
    exists when using raw file URLs. However, this fails on empty files,
    such as a standard
    What we really care about is whether we can successfully fetch a file,
    or whether we'll get an HTTP error. So, ignore the contents, and assume
    the file exists if there's no error.
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