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SBCloudPlayer is a plugin for Squeezebox that provides integration with Amazon's Cloud Player service. All the albums, artists, and songs on a Cloud Player account can be played on any Squeezebox device connected to a server with this plugin enabled.


To install SBCloudPlayer, you will first need to install the cloudplaya utility application. This provides a set of command line utilities that SBCloudPlayer will use to communicate with Amazon.

You must first have Python Setuptools installed. This should be available through your Linux distribution, or by downloading a setup file for Windows.

Once that's installed, you can install cloudplaya by typing:

$ sudo easy_install cloudplaya

You will then want to add this plugin to your server.

If you are working off of the Git checkout, just copy this source tree into a subdirectory named SBCloudPlayer in your Squeezebox Plugins directory. For example:

$ sudo cp -av . /usr/share/squeezeboxserver/Plugins/SBCloudPlayer

Otherwise, download a copy and extract the files in the chipx86-sbcloudplayer-* directory to the Plugins directory as above.

Then restart your Squeezebox service.


You will need to authenticate once with your Amazon username and password. Go into Settings -> Advanced -> SBCloudPlayer, enter your Amazon username and password, and hit Apply.

Authentication might take several seconds to complete.

Note that your password will not be stored anywhere. It is only used to get an authentication token.


Once you have authenticated, you can close the settings and go back to your main Squeezebox UI. You should see an Amazon Cloud Player entry under My Apps. Just browse for what you want to play!

Known Problems

I suspect that the URLs for streaming songs change every so often. Right now, we cache the URLs, but this doesn't seem to be a good long-term solution. If this is a proble, clear out your /var/lib/squeezeboxserver/cache/sbcloudplayer.db* caches.

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