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Auto System Image Exctractor
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Auto System Image Exctractor


  3. payload.bin


  1. [URL=""]python v3.x[/URL] 2.[URL=""] 7-Zip[/URL] [LEFT][I]Note 1: make sure your environment variables path is correctly set for python and 7-Zip(set it in system properties-->advance-->environment variable-->path) Note2: while installing python, set the environment variables in installer itself[/I][/LEFT]

How To

  1. extract [I][/I] into a folder (preferable in a path where there are no name spaces)
  2. place your rom zip file in the directory where you extracted
  3. open the file system_image_extractor_V4.cmd
  4. wait for it to extract everything
  5. folder with extracted content will open automatically
  6. have fun tweaking [I]*make sure to delete the created folders every time you want to extract[/I]


  1. And_pda for imgextractor
  2. [URL=""]xpirt[/URL] for
  3. google
  4. [URL=""]cyxx[/URL]
  5. ius
  6. [URL=""]@aIecxs[/URL]


  • initial release

V2 supports Nougat converts file_contexts.bin to file_contexts

V3 [U]Now Supports[/U]

  3. payload.bin

V4 (25-06-2019)

  1. changed the entire script.
  2. Fixed issues where user files got deleted automatically -it was due spaces in path
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