CHIRIMEN for Raspberry Pi 3 environment
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CHIRIMEN for Raspberry Pi 3

CHIRIMEN for Raspberry Pi 3 is an IoT programing/prototyping environment for bigenners.


Always under construction...



How To Setup CHIRIMEN Environment on raspbian

Setup Automatically

Execute ./ on Raspbian with Desktop. (Note: default passwd will be changed to rasp)

Setup Manually

Refer, or

View top page content of chirimen environment on github

Access this page via github pages.

Files and Directories

  • _gc/

    • ... need update ...
  • gc/

    • ... need update ...

    • this file
  • release/

    • release directory contains automatically generated files by
  • release/cdn/

    • this directory contains copy of all gc/drivers/*.* and gc/polyfill/*.* files. These filess will be hosted on CDN (currently rawgit) to use easily load from jsbin or any other online codes.
  • release/env/

    • gip package of _gc/ and gc/ directory. This is the release files of this project
  • release/version.txt

    • automatically generated version timestamp file

    • script to make release package

    • how to setup CHIRIMEN environment document in Japanese

    • how to setup CHIRIMEN environment document in English

    • setup script to install CHIRIMEN environment on raspbian

How To Release