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Base project for trying CMF components integration
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Symfony Content Management Framework Sandbox

This sandbox is a testing ground for the cmf bundles being developped.

Getting started

You will need:

  • Git 1.6+
  • PHP 5.3.2+
  • phpUnit 3.5+ (optional)

Get the code

git clone git://
cd cmf-sandbox
cp app/config/config.yml.dist app/config/config.yml #maybe need to edit if defaults are not ok

This will fetch the main project and all it's dependencies ( Cmf Bundles, Symfony, Doctrine\PHPCR, Jackalope ... )

Install and run Apache JackRabbit

Follow the guide at and then register the node types for phpcr-odm

Run the test suite

Tests are written with PHPUnit.


phpunit -c app

Import the fixtures

app/console -v phpcr:fixtures:load --path=src/Sandbox/MainBundle/Resources/data/fixtures/ --purge=true

Access by web browser

Create an apache virtual host entry along the lines of Servername cmf.lo DocumentRoot /path/to/symfony-cmf/cmf-sandbox/web AllowOverride All

And add an entry to your hosts file for cmf.lo

Then point your browser to http://cmf.lo/app_dev.php

Admin interface

THIS IS CURRENTLY BROKEN as it is based on the old form framework.

There is a proof-of-concept admin interface at http://cmf.lo/app_dev.php/admin We intend to replace this either by VIE ( or something with the AdminBundle.

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