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Little project to benchmark JMS providers

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JMS Benchmark

A benchmarking tool for JMS servers.

Build Prep

  • Install maven

  • run: mvn install

Updating the Report

The reports/report.html file can load and display the results of multiple benchmark runs. You can updated which benchmark results are displayed by the report.html by editing it and updating to the line which defines the products variable (around line 34).

  var products = [

Running against Apollo 1.0-beta2

Apache Apollo is a new Stomp based message server from good folks at the Apache ActiveMQ project.

  1. Follow the getting started guide to install, setup, and start the server.

  2. Run the benchmark with the admin credentials. Example:

    cd jms-benchmark-stomp mvn exec:java -Dbox=boxname -Dserver=apollo-1.0-beta2

Running against ActiveMQ 5.6-SNAPSHOT

Apache ActiveMQ is the most popular open source JMS provider.

  1. Once installed, start the server by running:

    cd ${ACTIVEMQ_HOME} export ACTIVEMQ_OPTS_MEMORY="-Xmx2g -XX:+UseLargePages" ./bin/activemq console xbean:conf/activemq-specjms.xml

  2. Run the benchmark:

    cd jms-benchmark-activemq mvn exec:java -Dbox=boxname -Dserver=activemq-5.6-SNAPSHOT

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