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A benchmarking tool for Stomp Servers
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Stomp Benchmark

A benchmarking tool for Stomp 1.0 servers. The benchmark covers a wide variety of common usage scenarios.

Just looking for the Results?

The numbers look different depending on the Hardware and OS they are run on:

Servers Currently Benchmarked

  • Apache ActiveMQ
  • Apache ActiveMQ Apollo
  • RabbitMQ
  • HornetQ

Running the Benchmark

Just run:


or one of the server specific benchmark scripts like:


Tested to work on:

  • Ubuntu 11.10
  • Amazon Linux
  • OS X

The benchmark report will be stored in the reports/$(hostname) directory.

Running the Benchmark on an EC2 Amazon Linux 64 bit AMI

If you want to run the benchmark on EC2, we recommend using at least the c1.xlarge instance type. Once you have the instance started just execute the following commands on the instance:

sudo yum install -y screen
curl >
chmod a+x ./stomp-benchmark-master/bin/*
screen ./stomp-benchmark-master/bin/benchmark-all

The results will be stored in the ~/reports directory.

Running Custom Scenarios

See the file for more information on how to configure other benchmarking scenarios.

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