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Release Notes

2.0 (2012/11/29)

STOMP 1.1 support

  • heart-beat
  • nack
  • content-length

API change

  • the errorCallback passed to the connect() method is no longer called when the client is properly disconnected by calling disconnect().

  • ack() method takes 3 parameters:

    • messageID & subscription are MANDATORY.
    • headers is OPTIONAL
  • the client object has a heartbeat field which can be used to configure heart-beating by changing its incoming and outgoing integer fields (default value for both is 10000ms):

    client.heartbeat.outgoing = 20000 // client will send heartbeats every 20000ms client.heartbeat.incoming = 0 // client does not want to receive heartbeats // from the server

Minified version

In addition to the regular stomp.js file, the library is also available in a minified version stomp.min.js

Annotated source

The source is now documented :)