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Add missing comma in man page

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chirlu committed Nov 25, 2013
1 parent a6be594 commit 4927023d0978615c74e8a511ce981cf4c29031f1
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@@ -3834,7 +3834,7 @@ parameter follows:
a value of 0 indicated to use the input length, which is also the default.
\fItype\fR is one of sine, square, triangle, sawtooth, trapezium, exp,
[white]noise, tpdfnoise pinknoise, brownnoise, pluck; default=sine.
[white]noise, tpdfnoise, pinknoise, brownnoise, pluck; default=sine.
\fIcombine\fR is one of create, mix, amod (amplitude modulation), fmod
(frequency modulation); default=create.

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