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Draft NEWS for 14.4.1 release

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Highlights for this release include:
Highlights for this maintenance release include:

o Add floating point encodings in AIFF-C files.
o Pad WAV data chunks to an even number of bytes.
o Made Pulse Audio driver the default driver.
o Fix crash when specifying OSX coreaudio device name.
o Lots of improvements to man pages.
o New upsample, hilbert, and downsample effects.
o Fix fading bugs.
o Enable --plot on biquad and fir effects.
o Now effects chain can be unlimitted length.
o Fix newfile/restart effects when merging or mixing files.
o Fix crash in compand and mcompand effect.
o Improved audio length calculations when using effects.
o New trim effect with enhanced capabilities.
o Fix -p option on Windows.
o Improved large file support.
o MP2 write support.
o Check that PulseAudio is present before trying to use it.
o Use binary mode for pipe inputs ("|sox ...") on Windows.
o Re-enable file-type detection when reading from a pipe.
o Fix crash when seeking within a FLAC file.
o Fix hang in rate and other effects when processing long files.
o Audio length calculation fixes.
o Many other bug fixes.

For the complete list of changes, see the ChangeLog at;a=blob;f=ChangeLog
For an extensive list of changes, see the ChangeLog at;hb=sox-14.4.1;f=ChangeLog
or consult the complete development history at;a=history;hpb=sox-14.4.0;hb=sox-14.4.1

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