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A CLI for Commodore Computers!

ChiCLI v1 Screenshot

ChiCLI v1 Screenshot Commands

ChiCLI v1.03 (c) 2020 - 2022 Chiron Bramberger

A Commodore 64 command line interface terminal, inspired by: AmigaDOS, MS-DOS, and Linux.

Pronunciation of ChiCLI: ky see-elle-eye

Quotes from public forums:

"Your program completes me. I think i may even make my C64 boot directly to it. I like it that much. I have never seen anything this slick!! Major kudos and praise to this dev! It is a must have for every C64 enthusiast and raises the bar substantially! I have never seen or used such a perfect terminal on a C64 in all my decades using the platform. It is extremely powerful and easy to use. It modernizes the system and makes it perform equal to or better then a PC MS-DOS distro command line. Full featured copies quickly from folder to folder unlike CBM manager. It breaks new barriers on this platform! I highly recommend it to everyone. It does advanced stuff like mounting D64 containers on SD2IEC. Directory manipulation you name it! Partition manipulation. This terminal is epic!!! Major cheers to the dev! I'm going to make it my core drive boot!"
~ LordDarkenbeast, Reddit User

"Right on! I think that this is exactly the type of thing the Commodore 64 needs right now."
~ Privileged_Interface, Reddit User*

"I smiled when I did ls."
~ opi, Reddit User

"Oh cool, keeping an eye on this project."
~ Vijfhoek, Reddit User

"Seriously, better than fast blue hogs of the hedge this is man. This looks bosssssss. I got so many f**n disks of absolute crap pirate games to murder, this is gonna be handy af dude"
~ LLH on Facebook

"TAB-completion and I'll take it!"
~ PS on Facebook

"Deym thanks for this! Looks amazing! Will try out soon."
~ RBJeffrey, Reddit User

"Awesome work!"
~ Oldbitcollector

Please note: these public quotes do not imply endorsement of any kind.

ChiCLI - Features List:

  • Engage your Commodore 64 using a terminal or command line interface familiar to modern computers.
  • Get a system informational overview of your Commodore 64 at startup.
  • View and manage files and floppies on any drive: type, run, rename, copy, delete, format, validate, and initialize.
  • Copy all files within a folder or disk to another device using the * wildcard. Use this to extract an entire disk image to a folder or floppy disk on supported device.
  • Change drive device number of 1541 drives and SD2IEC devices.
  • Advanced file management on supported devices: make directory, remove directory, rename directories, mount disk images, extract files from disk images and copy them to a folder on the same device, view and access partitions, and detect device type.
  • View date and time on SD2IEC, view file date and time stamps, set the time and date on RTC supported devices. Show the time and if wanted date on a built-in screen saver.
  • Change and save settings on an SD2IEC, such as device number and whether to hide or show file extensions.
  • View memory, peek and poke memory, repeatedly peek at memory, and save memory ranges as a file. Can be used to dump your Commodore 64 kernal ROM to a file.
  • Execute "sys" or other dos commands easily.
  • The Turbo Macro Pro shortcut and be used with the built-in "run" command and it's "-t" option to load and execute Turbo Macro Pro quickly and easily. For example just type: "run tmp -t".
  • Show key codes for keys and combinations of key presses on the keyboard.
  • Do basic maths and convert numbers to other format like decimal, hex and binary numbers.
  • Use a simple stopwatch using the command line or hot key F5.
  • Create custom shortcuts using aliases and hotkeys.
  • Change color profiles or set your own custom color scheme.
  • A proper help system, so you can lookup help for any command.

Made in Canada. :-)

You can download a disk image with this program and it's supporting Commodore readable text files under the release section of this GitHub

This software, while made with love, comes with no warranty or guarantees of any kind.

Testing successfully with the following hardware:

  • Commodore 64 based on NTSC mainboards: 326298, 250407, 250425, 250466, 250469, Kernal's 2 & 3
  • The Commodore SX-64
  • TheC64 Mini hardware, which is based on Linux and VICE
  • VICE: Emulated Commodore machines: 64, 64C, SX-64, 4064, NTSC, PAL
  • SD2IEC by Jim Brain --> Get One Here --> (Not Sponsored)
  • IDE64 tested by Leif Bloomquist --> Leif's GitHub -->
  • Ultimate 64 tested by Oldbitcollector. Note: When using a Virtual IEC, you need to use "dir *". I'm not sure why. Feel free to donate an Ultimate 64 for me to figure it out and update the software!
  • Commodore 1541 Disk Drive with stock ROM
  • MSD SD-2 Disk Drive via Serial IEC
  • MSD SD-2 Disk Drive via a Batteries Included IEEE-488 BusCardII
  • Commodore 2031 via a Batteries Included IEEE-488 BusCardII
  • Commodore 4040 via a Batteries Included IEEE-488 BusCardII
  • Commodore SFD 1001 via a Batteries Included IEEE-488 BusCardII
  • VICE: Emulated Commodore drives: 1541, 1541-II, 1570, 1571
  • Commodore 64 and Commodore 1541 with JiffyDOS installed
  • Commodore 64 with Epyx Fast Load and Super Snapshot 4
  • Commodore Flyer Internet Modem --> (Not Sponsored)
  • Commodore 1581 hardware tested by Glenn Holmer as noted on the TPUG mailing list here:,8
  • Commodore 1581 additionally tested as emulated under VICE.
  • Commodore CMD FD-2000 and CMD FD-4000 additionally tested as emulated under VICE.
  • Commodore 1570 and 1571 additionally tested as emulated under VICE.
  • Commodore VICE FS Driver 2.0 additionally tested as emulated under VICE.
  • Additional testing on actual hardware for the CMD HD and Pi1541 graciously provided by Raj W. / ZappedC64. Thanks so much!

Latest News:

v1.03 - Small But Important Update! - Jan 17 2022

  • Fixed: A very rare but old bug where the cursor home key (CTRL+U) and cursor end key (CTRL+O) would lead to a corrupt display.
  • Updated: Project on GitHub and file organization so things are little better put together.

v1.02 - Mega Refinement Update! - Jan 17 2022

  • Added: Support for FD-2000 and FD-4000 drives.
  • Added: Support for 1571 and 1570 drives.
  • Added: Support for the VICE FS Driver 2.0 which currently does not support the local DOS copy command. But you can still copy from another device into a VICE FS device and vice-versa.
  • Added: A command, "1571", to put the drive into single-sided or double-sided mode.
  • Added: Compatibility for Pi1541 by waiting just a little longer for it to reset when doing drive detection.
  • Added: A new mode to the help command for hardware, which searches a separate hardware file. To use it type: "help 1581 -h" and it will output specific support information for the 1581.
  • Updated: Usability is better now. The commands: cd, d##?:, d##:, and copy, all accept d08: d08; or d08[, which means that muscle memory between using VICE on a PC and using a real Commodore 64 is the same.
  • Updated: The command "chirp" and "sysinfo" now produce a more authentic Commodore PET and Commodore PC style startup chime.
  • Updated: The command "chirp" and "sysinfo" now also produce almost in-tune chimes on PAL. I say almost because using stretch tuning on the highest note doesn't work, because PAL systems can't go that high in terms frequency.
  • Updated: The SID detection works a little more flexibly. It now doesn't hang when there is no SID installed, or if a non-standard SID is installed, such as the modern ARMSID.
  • Updated: The overall hardware detection now gracefully only displays basic information when it can't reliably determine the machine's details. For example it will show things like SID and VIC-II without any more details.
  • Updated: The sysinfo command so that it detects from device 8 to 15.
  • Updated: The sysinfo command now has nicer looking output, starting at the top and working it's way down, without leaving any empty lines.
  • Updated: The type command no longer tries to type CBM "files" which are actually 1581 partitions.
  • Updated: The type command so that you can force outputing as if the file were a program file. You can also use just one letter for the option.
  • Updated: The driveset command now supports changing the device number for the following devices: 1541, SD-2, SD2IEC, CMD HD, 1570, 1571, 1581.
  • Note: There are now, technically, 64 commands, which is fitting. :-)

v1.01 - First Post-Final-Release Update! - Jan 7 2022

  • Added: Support for the CMD HD! Also supports the real-time clock functions!
  • Added: Support for the VICE FS Driver v2.0!
  • Added: More support for the 1581. You can now move in and out of partitions like folders using the 'cd' command. To return to the root partition, use 'cd /' just like any other drive that supports folders. This should also let you enter nested sub-partitions. Also... the 1581... OMG shoot me in the face...
  • Help: Added a little section in the help for hardware support. Use 'help hardware' to bring it up.
  • Fixed: Much rework done to the 'cd' and 'part' partition commands.
  • Fixed: The delete command wasn't getting all the files on the first pass. Now it does. Needed to do some jumping around to restart the scan after every delete.
  • Fixed: The Commodore 128 detection wasn't quite right for detecting DCR. These have the newer 9v SID, so this has been updated.
  • Optimized: Reworked many things to make more room for all the added hardware support.
  • Note: The VICE FS Driver doesn't support copy, as noted in the VICE source code: VICE in file fsdevice-flush.c line 809 and 810: } else if (cmd == 'c' && arg != NULL) { / FIXME: not implemented */
  • Comments: Swearing... so much swearing...

v1.00 - Final Release - Jan 1 2022

  • Updated: This is ready for a version 1.0 release!
  • Fixed: Added support so that now both stock 1581 drives and JiffyDOS upgraded 1581 drives are detected and handled properly.


ChiCLI - A Command Line Interface for Commodore Computers!







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