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Example code for using Chirp with iOS
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Chirp iOS Examples

A selection of example iOS apps using Chirp.


For all of the example apps you will need to

  • Sign up at
  • Run pod install inside the example project folder and open the .xcworkspace
  • Copy/paste your Chirp application key, secret and config string into the Credentials file


Chirp Messenger

Chirp Messenger uses your device's speaker and microphone to send and receive messages via audio.

To be compatible with Chirp Messenger on other platforms, e.g.,, the 16khz-mono protocol should be used.


Chirp + PayPal

Peer-to-peer payments with anyone nearby using PayPal REST API and Chirp.

See the blog for more details.

PayPalSend PayPalReceive

For this tutorial you will also need to

  • Log in at PayPal developers page, and create an app
  • Copy/Paste the clientId and clientSecret into Credentials.swift

Chirp SecureMessenger

Chirp Secure Messenger is an extension of the Chirp Messenger app, adding in AES encryption to illustrate the simplicity of encrypting data using Chirp.

Compatible with the Android SecureMessenger at chirp-android-examples



Chirp + TOTP

Send time based one time only passwords using sound.

See the blog for more details.


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