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Removed djangoforms from common testutils

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1 parent e9371f7 commit f829ac1efe07a4228af72ef5f0331ac7f255fa73 @kumar303 kumar303 committed Jan 22, 2013
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@@ -1,21 +1,21 @@
"""Common test suite utilities."""
-from django import forms as djangoforms
+import django.forms
class FormTestCaseHelper(object):
"""Mixin for unittest.TestCase descendants to aid in testing forms."""
def assertNoFormErrors(self, response):
if response.context is None:
- # if all went well the request probably redirected,
+ # if all went well the request probably redirected,
# otherwise, there will be form objects with errors:
forms = []
for ctx in response.context:
for cdict in ctx:
for v in cdict.values():
- if isinstance(v, djangoforms.BaseForm):
+ if isinstance(v, django.forms.BaseForm):
for form in forms:
- self.assertEquals(form.errors.as_text(), "")
+ self.assertEquals(form.errors.as_text(), "")

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