Web interface for running commands in chirpradio-machine
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kumar303 Reload the artist whitelist file after rolling back changes
As someone was repeatedly running the update-artist-whitelist command they
would previously see a stale version of the artist file since it was hanging
around in memory. This is fixed now.
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CHIRP Radio Command Center

Web interface for running commands in chirpradio-machine.


  • Python 2.7
  • Latest version of chirpradio-machine


You may wish to create a virtualenv first. Install all dependencies like this:

pip install -r requirements.txt

Make sure to follow the instructions in the Installation section of the chirpradio-machine README so that you install the chirp module within the same virtualenv you used for command-center.


To run the service on the chirpradio musiclib server, type this:

sudo service chirpradio-command-center start

This will execute the upstart script configured at /etc/init.d/chirpradio-command-center.conf.

To view the site open localhost:8000 in your browser.

You can also restart the site like this:

sudo service chirpradio-command-center restart

The log is located at /home/musiclib/log/command-center.log.

Running locally

Here's how to run it manually, say, for local development. Inside the command-center source directory, type:

python main.py

If you want to use mock commands instead of real commands, start the app like this:

MOCK=1 python main.py

This may be useful for testing the web UI. The definitions for these commands live in commandcenter.mock_commands.


nosetests -v