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A cross-platform midi file player based on libfluidsynth and Qt.

Project homepage


  • Channel mute/solo
  • Editing channel parameters on-the-fly
  • Playlists
  • Editing synthesizer effects
  • Rendering midi to wave file (currently fluidsynth only)
  • Visualization using SMELT (experimental Windows version now available)
  • MIDI mapping (RtMidi and plugins)
  • Plugin interface for extending the player easily

Tested on Debian sid and Windows Vista~10.

A QML version is now in construction. It's only a technology preview and should not be used for non-testing purpose.

Building QMidiPlayer

Please follow the instruction found in the file "INSTALL".

Warning: building QMidiPlayer for Windows is somehow a formidable task. Go ahead if you are ready to deal with metaphysics.


Try the button in the top-right corner.