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what is

I attempt to answer some question

FLAC Internet radio stream

a FLAC stream over the internet, objectively superior quality. flac is uncircumcised music and we're putting an end to this debate. mp3 has been replaced, free software prevails runs gentoo linux

it runs on the greatest operating system god put on this earth

15TB of music

this ain't your grandma's radio

Anime music, video game music, denpa, eurobeat, Dragonforce, lolicore, vaporwave, Moon Man, Slayer, drum & bass, national socialist black metal, techno, mozart

we do anime. Programming music for hacking the gibson or matrix

I have the greatest headphones

audiophile supremo electrostatic brought to you by Stax

1,000,000 songs

you can listen all day, nigga

DR scores for the hardcore listener

find out how compressed your favorite anime OP is. dynamic range is the difference between the loudest and quietest parts of a song. the lower the DR score, the harder your song was raped in the loudness war. now you can finally proclaim your favorite anime song as objectively superior.

Lots of listeners

we ensure you have the company of enlightened audiophiles to bring you through a journey of aural bliss

We have SACD and high resolution

superior high resolution audio formats the way god intended

Software is fully free and libre under the WTFPL

we respect your freedoms

MPD server, tried and true

for your pleasure

Fully optimized

executes in 0.02 seconds. this is what peak performance looks like

100% SSL secured

your security is no joke to us

I vape weed

all of the day bro


How can you listen to this music?! - /g/ user

Ah, music for the white man - Anonymous

Wtf I love paraoka now - Hirohito

You literally ruined my music tastes, now I can't integrate back into society - Joey Bishop

I was really worried. I was starting to think this place was dead. I jonsed for this site the whole time. I really enjoy Cirno. - Anonymous

I dropped the cash on a Koss ESP-950 to listen to this shit. - Anonymous

Worst shrooms trip ever - Anonymous

I lost my gay virginity listening to this stream - Anonymous

not bad, heard better - Anonymous

made me sink deeper - AnimeWorstGirl