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Bestiary is a mobile-friendly 5e compendium of creatures that organizes them in various classifications and strengths.

See the latest compiled build here:

To Do

  • Sort by location, sub-types, tags, CR, level, etc.
  • More Monsters from more sources!


Creatures can be found inside _posts/. Each creature gets its own post, written and stored as a Markdown file. The date is arbitrary and never displayed, but still necessary for Jekyll to process the posts properly.

If you'd like to help fill out the rest of the creatures from the MM, for each new spell you make:

  1. Make a new post inside _posts/ for each new creature, and copy the formatting from another creature.
  2. Submit a pull request for the creatures(s) when you're finished, and that's it! Thank you so much. :)

Build Instructions

I've edited _config.yml for my own build purposes, but if you've got Jekyll set up locally, the following should create the build from your friendly command line terminal: jekyll serve -Vw --no-watch --baseurl ""


Shoutout to Saph of from whom I've shamelessly borrowed the majority of the codebase