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Add base project idea and base scenarios to cover with cucumber

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+## A TODO list management web application and API
+- I can have my todo list displayed.
+- I can manipulate my list (add/remove/modify entries).
+- Assign priorities and due dates to the entries.
+- I can sort my entry lists using due date and priority. [PENDING]
+- I can mark an entry as completed. [PENDING]
+- Every client operation is done using JavaScript.
+- Project divided in two applications, RESTful API and Frontend.
+## Pending tasks
+- One DB per environment
+- Unify logs format
+- Log per environment
+- Provide curl examples to interact with API
+- Verify passed access token authenticity per client
+- Review response status codes
+- Create a real password creation strategy
+- Deploy in some public address
+- [docco]( everything
+Duplicated logs and defaults
@@ -13,6 +13,8 @@ Feature: A user can create a todo list
Scenario: The user signs up
+ Scenario: The user signs out
Scenario: The user creates a todo list
Given I go to the home page
And I create a list
@@ -23,3 +25,11 @@ Feature: A user can create a todo list
Then I can delete the "buy milk item"
And I can add the "buy beans" item
And I can edit the "buy beer" to "buy a lot of beer"
+ Scenario: The API is accessed
+ Scenario: I can mark an item as completed
+ Scenario: I can sort items by due date
+ Scenario: I can sort items by priority

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