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Test fixes for 04.trace.t #1

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Fitz Elliott Chisel Wright
Fitz Elliott


Attached are two patches for your consideration:

1.) Catayst::Plugin::ErrorCatcher HEAD fails a test on my system. The last test in 04.trace.t, "'evil' has value 'two\nlines' in QUERY section", fails because HTTP::Request::Common::POST converts the \n to \r\n. Included is a simple patch that fixes that test.

2.) This is not a failing test, but when _has_param_section() is called with a BODY type, it was printing the test name as "QUERY params block exists".

All tests pass with Catalyst 5.90007. Unfortunately, Catalyst >=5.90008 has a bug that causes all the BODY tests to fail, which I've reported to RT.

Thank you for writing this module. I'm looking forward to using this in my application; I think it will come in really handy!

Fitz Elliott

Chisel Wright

I wonder if that should be '\r?' to not break it for existing/older versions.

Chisel Wright

Resolved with pull #2

Chisel Wright chiselwright closed this March 08, 2012
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  1. 4  t/04.trace.t
4  t/04.trace.t
@@ -328,7 +328,7 @@ TestApp->config->{"Plugin::ErrorCatcher"}{enable} = 1;
328 328
     _has_value_for_key( 'BODY', 'long_text', 'kangarookangarookangarookangarookangaroo...[truncated]', $ec_msg);
329 329
     _has_value_for_key('QUERY', 'fruit',     'bananabananabananabananabananabananabana...[truncated]', $ec_msg);
330 330
     _has_value_for_key('QUERY', 'integer',   69, $ec_msg);
-    _has_value_for_key('QUERY', 'evil',      'two\nlines', $ec_msg);
+    _has_value_for_key('QUERY', 'evil',      'two\r\nlines', $ec_msg);
332 332
333 333
334 334
 # helper methods for RT-72781 testing
@@ -359,7 +359,7 @@ sub _has_param_section {
359 359
360 360
361 361
         qr{Params \(${type}\):},
-        'QUERY params block exists'
+        "$type params block exists"
363 363
364 364
365 365
 sub _has_keys_for_section {

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