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This is a Forth compiler/interpreter.
It will only run on x86-64 Linux. You will need YASM and probably Zsh. I
have tested it on at least one other computer meeting those requirements
and it worked.
run ./do and you should see the colored source printer. see below
for a rundown of what each of the files is for.
Turn back now if:
- you don't understand Forth
- you don't understand x86(-64) at the machine code level
A couple tips:
- all numbers are in hex
- 48 is REX.W which extends operations to 64-bits
- the comma character usually indicates that a word compiles
something into the dictionary. e.g. `rel32,` or `call,`.
- x86 is little-endian so e.g. in `ad48 2,` the 48 will precede the
ad in the dictionary (e.g. it will compile REX.W LODS).
- grep for 'DOC' in the .asm files in order to find snippets of
valuable documentation.
Here's a rundown of the files:
The *.asm files were developed in this progression (each one building on
the last one):
key.asm -> key1.asm -> ... -> key4.asm ->
compile.asm -> compile1.asm -> ... -> compile4.asm ->
editor.asm -> editor1.asm
The progression is an interesting example of how to approach a brand new
system in a development environment that you have never been exposed to
editor.asm and editor1.asm definitely exhibit a need for a complete
rewrite, which will happen when I have written a full editor for the
colored source code, so that I can properly incorporate the color
throughout the design.
basics.fth - fundamental definitions (if, for, next, etc). Make sure to
have your Intel manuals handy.
keymaps.fth - a simple keymapping library (used in colorconsole.fth and
coloreditor.fth); more generally it just builds a jumptable.
term.fth - facilities for manipulating the terminal
data.fth - basic definitions for defining data
colorconsole.fth - a rudimentary console. highlights the word if it is a
valid word.
coloreditor.fth - not a full editor, but does print properly the colored
source format (this functionality is what ./do currently does, the
source is embedded in the asm file)
F.fth - the classic example from Starting Forth
./do - run the current thing that I'm working on
./try - build the files I currently need
./maps - print out the last 'a.out' process's memory map
./inspect - attaches gdb to the last 'a.out' invocation
./ - shows a simple mind map graph that I used for brainstorming
(it's really a graphviz dot file with some magic to make executing
it display the graph)
Other files
colorforth.txt - a listing of CHM's colorForth that inspired a lot of the
design of this Forth. I have annotated some parts of it.
COLOR.ASM - CHM's actual colorForth source, with some annotations by me
(most of my annotations are in colorforth.txt)
CHM/ - the full colorForth source from CHM's website, kept in original
condition (i.e. not annotated).
*.txt - random notes that I left to myself
inf.c - experiment for getting writable and executable pages. - syscall numbers; generated from unistd_64.h