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//bin/true; exec zsh -c 'meh =(dot -Tsvg'
digraph deps {
create [style=filled fillcolor=red];
compile [style=filled fillcolor=green];
postpone [style=filled fillcolor=cyan];
execute [style=filled fillcolor=yellow];
variable [style=filled fillcolor=magenta];
question [style=filled fillcolor=blue label="???"]
// is it worth using BLUE to mark defining words (words that textually
// consume other words ahead of them)? Or is yellow distinguising enough?
// BLUE executed at edit time? how about BLACK executed at edit time?
// that seems to fit a lot better with the fact that they are usually
// invisible in the editor.
// and what about GRAY?
// and WHITE?
// RULE for colors: a color can only be used to implement a functionality
// that would otherwise not be possible.
find [label="find/mfind"];
editor -> variable;
//rankdir=BT; rankdir=LR;
//variable -> subgraph cluster_foo {a b} -> stack_setup;
stack_setup -> syscalls;
syscalls -> rwx_pages;
rwx_pages -> here;
here -> comma;
syscalls -> key -> word;
syscalls -> persistence;
persistence -> editor;
syscalls -> emit;
here -> compile;
here -> postpone;
write_number -> editor;
word -> find;
word -> create;
word -> read_number;
snorm -> create;
dictionary -> find;
dictionary -> create;
find -> compile;
find -> execute;
find -> postpone;
read_number -> write_number;
emit -> write_number;
stack_setup -> stack_macros;
read_number -> comma;