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Any changes to the README are delayed until the last PR before release because in the past new users have read the README and assumed that any features in the README MUST exist in the version they can install from the JetBrains repository, so documenting master features in the README leads to just more support work.

Build Release

  1. Update version in to the release version used in resources/META-INF/plugin.xml.
  2. Update ideaVersion in to the earliest version being supported (2018.3).
  3. Run the buildPlugin gradle task.

Smoke Test Built Release

  1. Install the build plugin from disk
    1. Preferences > Plugins
    2. Click "Install plugin from disk..."
    3. Select the build/distributions/
    4. Click Open
    5. Click Apply
    6. Click Restart
  2. Ensure no errors are raised during re-indexing and reparsing of any previously open files.
  3. Try out new features for this release

Tag release

  1. git tag -a vVERSION -m "Version VERSION"
  2. git push
  3. git push --tags

Release Notes

To create release notes for the new tag

  1. Open
  2. Click releases
  3. Click Tags
  4. Click "Add release notes" for tag you pushed
  5. Set the "Release title" to vVERSION
  6. Add the the release notes
  7. Thanks for bug reporters for the release (use the Milestone filter to find issues fixed for the release version)
  8. The changes from the for the release (copy directly from
  9. README updates (copy directly from
  10. Attach the build/distributions/ binary.
  11. Click Publish Release

Publish to JetBrains Repository

  1. Go to
  2. Click Update Plugin
  3. Click "Choose File" and select build/distributions/
  4. Add a brief summary of important enhancements or bug fixes for the RSS feed
  5. Click "Upload New Build"

Announce on Elixir Forums

  1. Open IntelliJ Elixir - Elixir plugin for JetBrain's IntelliJ Platform
  2. Click "+ Reply" at the bottom of the thread
  3. Put version as title of post
    # Version VERSION
  4. Add Donate link
    [Donate]( (Average is $30.29 USD.)
  5. Paste Release Notes from Github in message body
  6. Add Installation Instructions link
    [Installation Instructions](
  7. Click "Reply" to post reply

Announce on Twitter

  1. Tweet
IntelliJ Elixir vVERSION
  1. Pin Tweet

Announce on

  1. Open
  2. Click Sign in and Post
  3. Put "IntelliJ Elixir VERSION" for the title
  4. Put in brief bullet-points of enhancements and bug fixes
  5. Add Installation Instructions link
    [Installation Instructions](
  6. Click "Post this"
  7. Click "Retweet this!"
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