A static blog program written in Python. It's jekyll compatible, all you need to do to migrate from jekyll to Kusa is rewrite your layout files to Jinja2 templates.
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A Python based static blog program with Markdown support.


  • Write posts in Markdown.
  • Jekyll-like, you can migrate your jekyll blog to Kusa with only a few modifications.
  • Easy to setup, all you need is python && pip && (nginx || apache).

Why did I make Kusa?

Simplely because I don't know Ruby, and I couldn't find an alternative product in Python which is easy enough for me to edit.
Kusa is less than 1k lines, that's simple enough for me to add new feature.


  1. Clone this repo to anywhere you like and run:

    python setup.py develop
  2. cd to the path where you want to put your blog and run:

    kusa init
    kusa build

    Kusa will automatically put an example blog in this folder.

  3. Set your nginx/apache's root path to path_to_your_blog/_dist, if you have your nginx/apache configured correctly, you should be able to browse the blog now.


Kusa uses Jinja2 to render templates, PyYAML to parse yaml and Mistune to compile Markdown.