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Advanced CoffeeScript support in VSCode
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CoffeeScript Support for Visual Studio Code

A VSCode extension that helps you programming in CoffeeScript.

To install, visit:



  • ☑️ Syntax check while typing
  • ☑️ Show all Symbol Definitions Within a Document ("Go to symbol in file" command)
  • ☑️ Show all All Symbol Definitions in Workspace ("Go to symbol in workspace" command)


  • Show completion proposals
  • Show definition of a symbol
  • Help with function signatures

Low priority

  • Highlight All Occurrences of a Symbol in a Document
  • Show hover box of a symbol

Note: features are described on Visual Studio Code Language Extension Guidelines page.


  • cd server && npm test

How to Debug

  • npm install to initialize the extension and the server
  • Open this folder in VS Code. In the Debug viewlet, run 'Launch Client' from drop-down to launch the extension and attach to the extension.
  • Open demo/
  • Use commands, for example, "Go to symbol in file..." command.

Related Libraries


For maintainer only.

# in root
npm run compile

# ... version++ for client/package.json

cd client
vsce package # -> get VSIX file
vsce publish # -> push to VSCode Marketplace


MIT License. See License.txt

Special Thanks

Special thanks to my empolyer for allowing me working on this project during Hack Days. Check Moneytree's Career Page for open positions in Tokyo, Japan (English speakers welcomed.)

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